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Enjoy now a free multimedia catalog at ease!

You only need internet connection in order to access this media center.

Quaestio offers you the possibility of interaction with original artworks and academic papers at your own pace.

Browse a multipurpose gratuitous site, built on the principles of free internet, made for electronic publishing and online consultation.

You can always make a visit to find new content created by nowadays people experimenting with art and science or even display your own works here.
Quaestio digitally broadcasts a timeline of creative and intellectual works and tries to keep a minimalist and sophisticated design while entertaining and informing its visitors.
Ian Mulla

Ian Mulla

Nairobi, KEN

Komal Wadhwa

Komal Wadhwa

Chicago, USA

Rita Nkirote

Rita Nkirote

Nairobi, KEN

Tak Salmastyan

Tak Salmastyan

Los Angeles, USA

Join a network for artistic/scientific authors!

Here you find new writers, painters, singers, producers, developers etc.

Quaestio hosts individual portfolios able to express the creativity and the productivity of artists and scientists.

Take advantage of the opportunity to share here your expertise, if you feel qualified to do so, and contribute to the web of knowledge.

Also you, dramatists, musicians, photographers, cartoonists, GIF animators, movie directors, game programmers, among others, can have a space here.
Quaestio publicly showcases the artistry and the technique of common people so as their skills and talents are known by activities performed during their ongoing careers.
Bobea Art Centre Kenya

Bobea Art Centre Kenya








Present the profile of your creative company!

Teams of magazines, galleries, bands, producers, studios are welcome.

Quaestio helps your ongoing projects to get free publicity presenting your enterprise to an eclectic audience.

Formalize the collective action taken by your staff showing all the efforts employed while working for the benefit of its cause or ideal.

If you are part of an editorial board, an illustration studio, a musical ensemble, a group of actors, a development team, or similars, exhibit your work.
Quaestio supports you to introduce your meaningful venture to the society establishing a collaborative and enduring partnership and granting a welcoming place for such.


Rosanna Cerutti

Chuma’s Stolen Paintings

Chuma’s Stolen Paintings

Pascal Chuma

Catalogue a collection with your art or science!

A collector would adore to discover a special edition of your endeavors.

Quaestio is able to work as a bibliotheca, a pinacotheca, a discothèque, a cinematheca for you and your things.

Manage a set of items inspired by the same theme and created with a same style in a virtual box with a cover pic and full info about it.

Your independent album, book, mixtape or series could be highlighted at the same time freely available right here on virtual shelves for everyone to see.
Quaestio allows you to contextually organize, for instance, journal volumes, photo-books, track lists and even video compilations you produce with self-explanatory content.

Schedule cultural or academic events now!

Seminars, expositions, concerts, spectacles or releases fit well herein.

Quaestio intends to promote relevant happenings and ocasions from art exhibitions to science symposiums.

Set aside some time in your calendar to attend a conference at a convention center nearby, meet colleagues and make new contacts.

As a planner, a promoter, a speaker, you might want to spread details like venue address, colloquium program, discussion topics along with a poster.
Quaestio channelises inviting receptions occurring everywhere so as others out of your circle of friends get a line about online gatherings or local reunions you are in.

Install the applications for your convenience!

New updates, latest notifications, changelogs and a tool kit just for you.

Quaestio is free to get it on Google Play Store and so it is with autometa hosted on WordPress Plugin Directory.

Download now handy freeware specially developed for users and webmasters, respectively: the Android app and WordPress plugins.

Whether you prefer to use your personal computer or mobile device, you would rather have it both on your desktop/laptop and tablet/smartphone.
Quaestio provides useful and helpful software like a direct shortcut runnable from your home screen or metadata shortcodes running in the background of your weblog.
  • “We artists from Bobea Art Centre love The best platform to be.”

  • “Check out my latest painting about electoral autocracy, or social injustice in Kenya and many more power angry thugs!”

  • Attach ideas and thoughts to the directories!

    Worthwhile memories of yours must have a record in the shared cloud.

    Quaestio systematically organizes an archive of our own by saving all entries added to the think tank database.

    List your personal subjects and digital objects in the index of the cooperative repository and positively contribute to its growth as well.

    Each one of your files can be precisely classified and related with a bunch of common categories and tags managed by the system of the joint folder.
    Quaestio describes meanings and maps concepts like an encyclopedia or a dictionary originated from themes and disciplines associated with all the media files received.